Political Involvement and Awareness

Though non-partisan in nature and purpose, Delta understands the importance of, and the need for an informed electorate.  Delta’s concern for the public’s “need-to-know” and the enfranchisement of all Americans has been the philosophical basis for public service programs in this area.

WRAC is committed to being proactive in informing and educating our membership and community on the issues of the day that have the potential to impact their lives.  We recognize that the struggle for equality begins with political freedom. Our Political Awareness & Involvement and Social Action committees work together to address issues that affect public policy, economic viability, and social justice.

WRAC Political Awareness & Involvement Initiatives include the following:

  • Voter Registration and Voter Education
  • Walk to the Poll
  • NAACP membership drive
  • Delta Days at the State Capital
  • Monthly attendance of Local & County meetings of
    • School Board
    • City Council
    • County Commission





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